Stroke Treatment Status and Improvements after Treatment

Till the end of 2014, our department has treated 1002 patients of stroke (including cerebral hemorrhage and cerebral thrombosis) sequela. Among these patients, the longest onset time is 19 years, and the shortest is one month (only few patients). The improvement rate of stroke (including cerebral hemorrhage and cerebral thrombosis) sequela is 86%... Read More >>

Stroke  Cases

Stroke CasesName: Ghulam
Age: 65
Diagnosis: Stroke(Cerebral hemorrhage sequelae, vascular dementia)
Nationality: Libya
Ghulam had the symptoms: weakness and hypaesthesia of left limb after undue emotion in December, 2009. Head MRI showed cerebral hemorrhage in right basal ganglia and he was diagnosed with cerebral hemorrhage. He took one course of stem cell transplantation therapy in May, 2011.

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StrokeStroke is a set of disease caused by vary cerebrovascular disease, such as, hemorrhagic or ischemic injury by bleed from vessel breech, or thrombosis, it's also called cerebrovascular disease (CVD). It's popular among middle aged people and older ones, usually acute attack, it cant cause patient disturbance of consciousness and acroparalysis . It a major disease of death and disability, also a major cause of death in hypertension patient.

Stroke is one of three major lethal disease to humans. There are 4.6 millions people dead from stroke each year, 1/3 are from industrialized countries, the rest are from developing countries. The patient and dead of stroke are mainly above 65 years old. Japan is among the highest morbidity and mortality counties. Stroke ortality has always been the primary cause of death. China is one high-prevalence area of stroke mortality, has 6 millions stroke patient at now, 1.3 million new stroke patient and 1 million people dead from stroke each year, 3/4 survivals get hemiplegia or other sequelae, some of them get disabled and lose viability.
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The Stem Cell Department of General Hospital of Chinese People’s Armed Police Forces and the 309th Hospital of Chinese People's Liberation Army is the first neural stem cell transplantation center at home and abroad, which went through WHO clinical trial registration, obtained the FDA clinical trial approval and had laboratory with GMP certification of stem cell research and preparation. Leaders in stem cell treatments for cerebral palsy, spinal cord injury, traumatic brain injury syndrome, ulcerative colitis, cirrhosis, stroke, diabetes and multiple system atrophy. Until now, we have used stem cell therapy to treat about 10,000+ patients from more than 30 countries. More About Us >>