Spinal Cord Injury Cases


The Accident of Completely Neck Breakingv33

Mr. Dong Chuan, 21 years old, suffered from C6 blow-out fracture via an accident since 2005, then was founded C3-C7 complete spinal cord injury, the body below his neck was palsy, no sensation. His chief complaint included severe spasm of his limbs, central neural high temperature, frequently high fever, quadriplegia, his weight is reduced from 70kg to 40kg during 1 year after the accident.

He was sucessfully treated by our department and now he already back to his work.

This patient’s story is edited and produced into a short film, which is published on a TV programme, named "Approaching science" of CCTV channel and can be watched globally.

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Spinal Cord Injury Cases

Name: Mohammed Ali
Age: 34-year-old
Diagnosis: old spinal cord injury
Nationality: Egypt

The patient got spinal cord injury of T11 vertebra by gun wound in 2010. He came to our department for one cycle of stem cell transplantation treatment in November 2011. "My back is stronger, I can sit for longer time and I feel more sensation. I could feel my toes for the first time. I feel much better than when I came". — Mohammed Ali, 6 December 2011, during hospitalization.

Medical team of Doctor Hongbin Cheng