How do you get the treatment?

1. Send us inquiries.

You can contact us by sending us questions or having a online consultation. Please specify your conditions as detailed as possible, after receiving your inquires, a medical consultant will be responsible for all things regarding your treatment.

2. Communicate with our medical consultants.

After connections have been made, you can discuss medical conditions and treatment issues with your consultant, you may be asked to send us more medical information for a thorough understanding of your conditions, in order to provide an assessment of your eligibility to get the treatment.

3. Make decisions based on your willingness after complete understanding of the treatment.

If you are evaluated eligible for treatment, we will provide key information about the treatment including the cost, treatment procedures, available services, and all other necessary information you need to know before your final decision.

4. Invitation letter and airport pick-up arrangement.

After you decided to come for treatment, we will issue an invitation letter to you for VISA application. Once the VISA has been issued, you can book your airline ticket(s) and inform your consultant of the flight information, in order to arrange airport pick-up accordingly.

5. Ward reservation and doctor’s appointment.

After confirmed your arrival date, we will reserve a ward for you and make an appointment with your attending doctor.

6. Start your treatment.

When you arrived at our hospital, your attending doctor will see you in person, having a final assessment of your conditions to confirm your treatment schedule with specific procedures. Then after all pre-examinations, your treatment will be performed during your hospitalization.

7. Discharge and airport see-off.

After discharge with your attending doctor’s consent, we will arrange the airport see-off. Your consultant will make contact to comfirm that you safely arrived home.

8. Follow-up.

It takes time for you to observe most of the possible improvements after treatment, your consultant will keep in touch with you after you discharged from our hospital, we will follow up your conditions for at least 6 months.