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The Stem Cell Department of General Hospital of Chinese People's Armed Police Forces is the first stem cell transplantation center in China, which went through the World Health Organisation (WHO) clinical trial registration. The center has also obtained the FDA clinical trial approval and had our laboratory certified with Good Manufacturing Procedures (GMP) certification of stem cell research and preparation. So far we have treated 16,000+ patients from more than 30 countries by stem cell therapy.

Stem Cells Experts
Stem cells ExpertsOur expert team is composed of the Nationally Recognised experienced doctors in the field of stem cells treatment.

Stem Cells Treatment
Stem Cells TreatmentTreating lots of difficult diseases, such as cerebral palsy, spinal cord injuries, stroke, diabetes, ulcerative colitis, and brain injuries with stem cells transplantation.

Typical Cases
Typical CasesMany typical patients suffering from cerebral palsy, spinal cord injuries, stroke, diabetes, MSA, and brain injuries benefit from stem cell treatment.

Our Album
photo1Here are some memorable photos recording the activities of our cell therapy department, such as international communications, the officials visiting, our treatment etc..

Stem Cells Treatment Procedures

1. Stereotactic Brain Surgery
Recommended for elderly patients with cerebral palsy or cervical spinal cord injuries.

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2. Lumbar Puncture with Transplanting Stem Cells
Injecting stem cells into the lesion of the spinal cord with small invasion.

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3. CT- guided Intraspinal Injection of Stem Cells
Developed by Dr. An's medical team, it's mainly used in the stem cells treatment for spinal cord injury.

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4. Interventional Therapy
Injecting a large quantity of stem cells into the targeted area under local anesthesia.

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5. Intravenous Injection of Stem Cells
Stem cells would be added to physiological saline and injected into the blood vessel.

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6. Bone Marrow Treatment
Containing bone marrow aspiration and bone marrow transplantation.

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