Zhujian- Spinal Cord Injury – Completed Injury of C3-C6 (Male)- 2013

Zhujian, Male, Chinese. Dropped down from building when work in May, 2013. Spinal cord injury - Completed injury of C3-C6.

Patient came for stem cells treatment in our hospital in Dec. 2013.

Treatment methods: CT guided Intraspinal Injection of Stem Cells (1 time) + lumber puncture (twice)

Before treatment:
1. Have sensation from chest up;
2. Could move upper limbs a little bit, but could not raise them, could not hold things
3. Temperature is almost normal
4. No sensation & no control for bladder and bowel system
5. Sweating before urine
6. Feel dizzy (postural hypotension)

Improvements during 1 month after treatment:
1. Have more strength on back
2. Could sense more on chest and have sensation on legs
3. Could sense bladder and bowel systems
4. Could turn around when in bed
5. Could touch his head with his hands
6. Could grab an apple
7. Less dizzy than before

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