Zhu Xiaonan- Spinal Cord Injury (Male,21 years old)- 2011

Patient Name: Zhu Xiaonan
21 years old, Male
On August 24th, 2011, traffic accident twice by motorcycle. Spinal cord injury, C4-C5 damaged.

Patient came for treatment on Sep.9th, 2011.
Treatment methods:
1 time CT-guided intraspinal injection and twice lumber puncture

Before treatment:
No sensation on bladder and bowel control
No sensation from chest below
Breathing capacity is weak
Have consciousness
Postural hypotension

After treatment:
Better sensation on bladder and bowel
Could control bladder and bowels for 2-3 minutes
More sensation from chest to legs
Could move legs
Breathing back to normal
Postural hypotension disappeared.

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