Zhang Qingfang (China)-Spinal Cord Injury (Female, 45 years old)-2015

Zhang Qingfang is a 45 years old female who has had lower limbs movement disorder and bladder and bowel movement dysfunction for 5 years. Five years ago, she had meningioma at T2 level, then a resection operation was operated in her local hospital, and it caused her spinal cord injury. After that, she had been undergoing rehabilitation but the treatment effect is not satisfactory. The patient received stem cell treatment in General Hospital of Chinese People’s Armed Police Forces in January, 2015.

Before stem cell treatment
-Movement of both upper limbs was intact, but lower limbs had movement disorder with poor muscle strength, she could not stand by her own for more than 1 minute, and unable to walk independently.
-She could perceive her urination and defecation, but she has difficulty to control them.

After stem cell treatment
-Lower limb movement disorder has been improved with enhanced muscle strength. She can stand a long time as more than 5 minutes, and walk by herself for a distance of 50 meters or so.
-She can basically control the urination and defecation for a short time.

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