Zeze- Cerebral Palsy (Male, 2 and half year old)- 2014

"Hello Dr. An" a man greeted with Dr. AnYihua in elevator with his son in arm. We moved our attentions on him. Dark skin made him look more strong to support and care of his son.

"Your son is so lovely" Dr. An said.

"Yes, he is. Before treatment, he can not move a lot, can not walk. One day after stem cell transplantation, all of sudden he could walk and run. He ran all day long. The next day he stopped running".

All of us are very curious and asked "why he can not running the second day?"

2014-09-10-2"Because he ran too much for the first day." All of us burst into laughter.

The man also said, "we called my son’s grandma and told her that her grandson can run now, but grandma didn’t believe us, she thought we tried to make her happy with a lie".

That moment, both the man and his son could not help laughing with white and bright teeth. Their smiles look so similar and we also felt so happy for the father and son, for the changes of the son also for the success of stem cell treatment.

His name is Zeze, 2 and half year old, from Hebei province of China (close to Beijing).

Every couple has the same feelings when they got the first baby: endless happiness and expectations for the little life. Parents want to witness their kid’s any single changes.

However, several months passed, Zeze’s little body seems didn’t catch up with other kid’s step. His actions are very late and could not sit still. His parents became so anxious when Zeze was almost 1 year old. They decided to take him to doctor. Zeze was diagnosed as cerebral palsy. All that moment, the family was covered with sorrow.

The couple decided to look for the best hospital and best doctor for their son. No matter how much it may cost.

With week’s searching online and dozen’s of phone calls consultation, they understood that Dr. An Yi Hua is the first doctor in the world to apply stem cell transplantation on cerebral palsy patient. And Dr.An has already working on stem cell field for more than 10 years. During the 10 years, he had treated more than 3000 cerebral patients with the effective rate of more than 85%. The couple felt a light of hope. Although they even didn’t know what is stem cell, they decided to consult Dr. An in person. They came to Beijing.

Dr. AnYihuais very kind, after his checking and explanation on stem cell treatment, the couple decided to check in hospital immediately.

Now, when they recall that day to check in hospital, they feel so proud to make such decision and so lucky to meet Dr. An.

In 2013, Zeze took the first lumber puncture for stem cell transplantation. The treatment is very successful. Just a couple days after treatment, he could already sit very well. After back home, one day, he learns to run all of a sudden. It’s a miracle to the family.

Zeze’s improvements are so obvious and his parents decided to take him for a second round of treatment this year. They hope to see him improve more and better.

When talked about Zeze, his mother told us: ”Now, he runs a lot and love to play with other kids, he is so active ”

Maybe Zeze knows he ran later than other kids. That’s why he tries to run more everyday to catch up others.

Little Zeze: run for your way with parents’ love.

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