Yuan Sumin- Sequela of Myelitis (Female,58-year-old)- 2014

Yuan Sumin 58 year old woman, Chinese. Disease history: 16 years.
Sequela of Myelitis, incomplete paralysis of lower limbs.
Could not walk since 1998, could raise left leg, could not move right leg. Have sensations on both legs, upper limbs have strength.
Bladder control abnormal. Distal blood circulation is not good.
Got poliomyelitis when patient was 3 year old.

Patient is accepted in our hospital in April, 2014.
Stem cell treatment methods: 2 times lumber puncture + 1 time interventional treatment via arteriacruralis

After treatment, patient show improvements on:
Feel more energetic and more strength for whole body;
Could raise left leg better and higher than before, could move right leg a bit. Have better sensation for both legs.
Bladder control back to moral.Distal blood circulation getting better.
Could stand for a while and walk in short distance with supports.

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