Yaya’s Treatment Logs


Yesterday our Yaya checked out from the hotel and went to the airport to fly back home. Yaya’s mother is happy with this 1st stem cell treatment, they can see some obvious improvements and with time goes on, cells will repair more damaged parts of nervous system then they will see more improvements. They plan to come again in December of this year. We hope patient improve a lot.


Until yesterday, Yaya has completed all the treatments for the 1st course of stem cell therapy. Her mother told me she found that her strength of arms and waist has increased, which showed that her ability to accept stem cells was very good. And stem cells are also gradually taking its magical effect, which let the child’s parents, doctors and all our health care team feel confident about the improvement. Just like what we did for our previous cerebral palsy patients.


Today I went to see Yaya, her mother told me that she could sit like this with her arm supporting on the bed longer than before. Good sign. Tomorrow we are going to do the 4th injection,it will be the last one in this course of treatment.


Yesterday Yaya has undergone her 3rd lumbar puncture, according to her mother,her epilepsy has obviously reduced.


Yesterday Yaya finished her 2nd lumbar puncture injection. Today she is more active than before. She shows more smiles and suffers less epilepsy. We are all happy for these improvement.


May 17th,2018,Yaya is having her 2nd lumbar puncture today. Her mother is getting her to drink some sedative before the lumbar puncture. The injection is going well smoothly. according to patient’s mother,there were some loud noise which usually would trigger her epilepsy,but yesterday when the patient heard loud noise,there were no epilepsy. This is a good sign for stem cells are working!


May 16th, 2018. after the 1st lumbar puncture injection, Yaya’s mother said that her child could eat more than before. And the duration time of patient’s epilepsy is obviously shorter than before. Stem cells are working in her body, we are all very happy see the good results.


May 14, Yaya got her 1st lumbar puncture injection Around 9:30 A.M. her mother and sister are waiting anxiously, our customer service staff Larisa was comforting them, distracting their attentions, telling them that the surgery time is very fast, the whole process of lumbar puncture injection is about 10 minutes. Let us look forward to the improvement.


May 11th, After long-distance travel, Kazakhstan cerebral palsy patient Yaya (alias, 8 years old ) and her mother and sister arrived in our hospital at 8 o’clock.

They had a little rest and then see the doctors. Our experts analyzed the Yaya’s conditions. Then our customer service staff help them with related medical examinations.

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