YangYang- Spastic Type Cerebral Palsy (Male,4 years old)- 2010

YangYang is a Chinese 4 years old male patient suffering from cerebral palsy. He was full term delivery baby with hypoxia after born. Due to the motor and speech development retardation, he was diagnosed as spastic type of cerebral palsy. He received the 1st round stem cell treatment in our hospital on 2nd April, 2010.

MRI of his head showed: bilateral ventricles were enlarged, poor myelination of the white matter of peri-ventricles.

Before the treatment:
- He could not sit stably by himself;
- His right hand was made in fist all the time, he could not fetch objects actively.

After the treatment:
- He can sit stably and move his body voluntarily;
- The fist status of his right hand is improved obviously.

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