Videos – Xinxin – Cerebral Palsy (Female, 9 years old) – 2010

Name: Xinxin
Gender: Female
Age: 9 years old
Nationality: China
Diagnosis: Cerebral Palsy

Xinxin, 9- year-old, female, was diagnosed as Cerebral Palsy. She even could not speak any words before she received the stem cell treatment. She was admitted to our hospital in June, 2010 for the second course of stem cell treatment, which contained 1 stem cell transplantation via Stereotactic Brain Surgery and 2 stem cell injections via Lumber Puncture. In March 2012, Xinxin received her third course of stem cell transplantation in our hospital.

The Main Condition before the Third Times Admission:
-She could speak some very simple single syllables  with a little slurred pronuciation;
-The flexibility of her right hand was ok but she could not grab anything for a second;
-She could sit independently but not so steadily or keep for several minutes;
-She could not stand independently;
-When walking, her walking gait was unbalanced and her knees were not able to bend.

The Condition after the First Course (During the treatment period in the hospital):
-She can speak simple Chinese disyllabic words clearly, such as “Baba”, ”Mama”etc.;
-The flexibility of her right hand is improved obviously whilst she can grab the cell phone firmly and hold it up;
-High muscular tension of her lower limbs is reduced obviously;
-The muscle strength of her waist is increased more than before whilst she can sit independently and steadily;
-She can stand independently and stably for several minutes;
- When walking, her walking gait is more balanced than before whilst her knees are able to bend naturely.


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