XiaoYi- Cerebral Palsy (Male,29 years old)- 2009/2011

XiaoYi is a Chinese 29 years old male patient suffering from cerebral palsy. He was a full term born with the umbilical cord twist around his neck, which caused dystocia, the doctors had to absorb him out with fetal head suction apparatus, after born, he underwent asphyxia. He was diagnosed as cerebral palsy because of his language and motor abilities development retardation for over 28 years. The MRI of his head showed brain atrophy and alba mal-development. He received 2 rounds stem cell therapy treatments in our hospital respectively in April, 2009 and April, 2011. He achieved obvious improvements after the treatments.

After 2nd round the stem cell treatment:
- The muscular tension of his whole body is more relaxed than before, the coordination of his limbs and actions is improved obviously;
- He can fetch items by his left upper limb with more flexibility and higher accuracy;
- He can stretch his both upper limbs and bend his elbows more flexibly;
- The flexibility of his wrists is better than before, for example, he can stretch his left hand and bend his left wrist;
- The flexibility of his hands stretching and his motor ability of finger to finger are much better than before.

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