Xiaoyanzi- C4-C5 Spinal Cord Injury (Female,36 years old)- 2005

Xiaoyanzi is a Chinese 36 years old female patient suffering from spinal cord injury. She underwent a car crash in June, 2014, then was diagnosed as C4-C5 vertebral bodies fracture with relevant spinal cord injury. She was offered the necessary surgery in local hospital. She received 1st round stem cell treatment in our hospital in January, 2005 with good efficacy; she received 2nd round stem cell treatment in our hospital in April, 2006 for further improvements on her neural functions.

Before the stem cell treatment:
Xiaoyanzi is an engineer in our national nuclear industrial matrix. She underwent a car crash in June, 2004, which caused her C4-C5 vertebral bodies fracture and dislocation, her cervical cord was damaged severely. After the proper surgery, although she was still live, but:
- The muscle strength of her lower limbs was weak;
- All of her fingers was almost completely palsy;
- The fingers of her left hand could not bend, the fingers of her right hand could bend partly with weakness, which caused her almost could not hold anything;
- The muscle strength of her waist was weak, she needed others support her back hard to sit stably;
- Her chest muscles were palsy and weak, she felt difficulty to breath when sitting or standing;
- Her lower limbs were complete palsy, soften; she could stand around 30 minutes by a couple persons’ supports and assistance;
- She had no sensation beneath her clavicles; her vegetative neural functions were damaged severely, for example, the incontinence of urination, dry stools with a few hard scybala, which needed the caregiver used his/her fingers to dig out from her anus;
- Her blood pressure was not stable, if sitting or standing for a longer period, she could feel dizziness;
- Her body lost the sweating function;
- Her body temperature was fluctuated with the changes of the outside environment;
- The anti-disease or damage ability was reduced severely;
- The MRI of her neck showed: C4-C5 vertebras almost disconnected completely, bone implantation and merge and fixation of cervical vertebras from anterior approach post-operation.


After the stem cell treatment:
- Her postural hypotension is disappeared;
- The muscles of her back is relieved, she can extend her shoulders more easilier;
- Her respiratory function is more smoother than before;
- When the body temperature increasing, her body can sweat by herself;
- The muscle strength of her bilateral arms stretching, wrist stretching and fingers bending is improved better than before;
- The fine movement ability of her fingers is enhanced obviously, she can hold pen to write letters, the muscle strength of her waist is improved obviously.


She received 2nd round stem cell treatment in April, 2006.

Before the 2nd round stem cell treatment (after the 1st round stem cell treatment):
- The flexibility of her hands is improved obviously, the muscle strength of her arms and waist is improved obviously;
- When lying, sitting or moving, she can breathe smoothly;
- She can stand for obviously longer period by Thomas supporting to her lower limbs;
- Her sensation level is lowered to T4 spinal cord segment, in the other words, the sensation level beneath T4 segment of pain or temperature is lost;
- Her vegetative neural function is improved obviously, for example, her blood pressure is recuperated normally, she can sweat by herself normally, the skin temperature of her lower limbs is normal without cold feeling phenomenon;
The ability of her urination and bowl movement is improved obviously, she has the consciousness of urination, her bowl movement is regular, 1 time/2 days.


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