Xiaoxin- Sthetoid Type Cerebral Palsy (Male,27 years old)- 2009/2010

Xiaoxin is a Chinese 27 years old male patient suffering from cerebral palsy. Due to the chief complaint of speech and motor ability development retardation for over 26 years, he was diagnosed as athetoid type cerebral palsy.

He was full term born with dystocia, the 2nd stage of labor was longer than it supposed to be. After born, his whole body was black and blue, he could not cry. So he was given the treatment of oxygen inhalation directly, then his medical condition turned to be better on the 2nd day. He was diagnosed as cerebral palsy. He received the 1st round stem cell treatment in our hospital in September 2009. He achieved great improvements after the treatment: his hands and fingers were more flexible, he could open hands easily, he could even pick up a cup and drink by his right hand. The muscular tension of his lower limbs reduced, he could raise his lower limbs. So he came back to our hospital for the 2nd round stem cell treatment in August 2010.

Before the 2nd round treatment:
- His intelligent ability was normal;
- His speech was slurred;
- The flexibility of his both upper limbs was poor;
- The fine motor ability of his both hands was poor;
- The muscular tension of his lower limbs was higher than normal;
- He could walk but very unstably;
- His right lower limb could not raise or step forward during his walking, which had to be mobilized by his left lower limb.

He received 2nd round treatment for 20 days, he was given 2 stem cell injections via lumbar puncture and 1 stem cell implantation via stereotactic brain surgery. During these 20 days treatment period, he achieved obvious improvements.

Before his discharge of the 2nd round stem cell therapy (after the stem cell implantations):
- His speech ability is clearer than before;
- The motor ability of his both hands is improved slightly;
- The motor ability of his both lower limbs is improved obviously;
- The muscular tension of his lower limbs is reduced obviously;
- He can raise his right lower limb and step forward, he can walk more stably than before.

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