Xiaoxiao Li- Cerebral Palsy (Female,3 years old)- 2010

Xiaoxiao Li is a Chinese 3 years old female patient suffering from cerebral palsy. Xiao Li was premature baby in 28 weeks with nature labour. She underwent hypoxia after born. She was diagnosed as Cerebral Palsy due to the chief complaint of speech and motor ability development retardation for over 2 years. Her brain MRI showed 1.periventricular leukomalacia; 2. the 5th & 6th ventricles exist.

She received the 1st round stem cell treatment our hospital on 13th December, 2010. She received the 1st stem cells injection via lumbar puncture on the 17th, December. Her symptoms were improved obviously on 26th, December (9 days after the 1st stem cell injection).

Before the treatment:
- She could only speak "mum" or "dad" with slurred speech;
- She suffered from severe drooling problem;
- The muscle strength of her waist was weak, she could only sit for a few seconds by herself;
- The muscular tension of her lower limbs was higher, which caused her lower limbs in bending position all the time, even during sleep without any change;
- She could not stand even against the wall, or sit in chair by herself, or straighten her waist.

The 9th day after 1st lumbar puncture stem cell injection:
- She can speak more clearly, the volume of her vocabulary is increased, she can speak "sister", "grandma" etc.;
- Her drooling is disappeared;
- The muscle strength of her waist is improved obviously, she can sit by herself for half an hour;
- The muscular tension of her lower limbs is reduced obviously, she can stretch her lower limbs more straight than before when sleeping or sitting by herself.

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