Xiaoxi- Cerebral Palsy (Female,20 years old)- 2009/2011

Xiaoxi is a Chinese 20 years old female patient suffering from cerebral palsy. She was born 19 days later than the due date. When born, she underwent apnea and hypoxia. She was diagnosed as cerebral palsy due to speech and motor movement development retardation for over 19 years. She received the 1st round stem cell treatment in our hospital in September 2009. The pre-operation MRI of head showed alba mal-development. She achieved obvious improvements after the 1st round treatment, so she came back to our hospital for the 2nd round treatment on 13th April 2011.

Before the 1stround treatment:
- Her face showed nervous and unnatural expression when talking;
- She could not fetch items with flexibility or accuracy, she could not stretch the index finger of her left hand;
- She could not stand up when sitting on bedside or stool;
- Her ankles were stiff, it was hard for her family members to help her wear the shoes;
- It was difficult for her to walk even with the assistant of her family member whilst she could not walk independently.

After the 1stround treatment:
- Her facial expression is much more relaxed and nature than before, she can pronounce some special words more clearly;
- She can fetch items with better flexibility and accuracy, she can open her right hand flexibly and stretch the index finger of her left hand;
- She can stand up independently when sitting on bedside or stool;
- The stiffness of her ankles is improved obviously, it is much easier for her family member to help her wear shoes;
- She can walk with one hand holding her family member easily whilst she can walk by herself for a longer distance.

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