Xiaosun- Traumatic Brain Injury (Male,22 years old)- 2004

Xiaosun is a Chinese 22 years old male patient suffering brain injury, who used to be a soldier of the Tian’anmen detachment of armed police forces. He was in coma because of the brain injury on 17th May 2000, then he was sent to Beijing Emergency Center immediately and was diagnosed as traumatic brain injury and the right temporal skull injury. He was given the treatment of the decrompressive craniectomy and cranial evacuation of hematoma. He was transferred to an armed police forces hospital for physical rehabilitation treatment 12 days after his admission, his medical condition was improved, although his consciousness was clear, but he still suffered from motor disorder of his limbs.

TBI-1In October 2002, after CT check of his head, doctors found there’s hydrocephalus and he was treated with ventriculoperitoneal shunt and skull repairing operation. Because he still had sequela of nerve system injury, though he kept the physical rehabilitation treatment, he still suffered from motor disorder of his upper limbs and his left lower limb. The physical examination showed: incomplete motor aphasia, amnesia, right upper limb with muscle strength grade 4, elbow joints ossification, so that he couldn’t bend his elbows, right lower limb with muscle strength grade 5 and high muscular tension, left limbs with muscle strength grade 3 and high muscular tension as well, even with 2 persons’ assistant, he still couldn’t walk. The deep and superficial sensation of his limbs was normal.

The CT of his head on 13th May 2004: right temporal skull roof got soften after skull repairing operation.

He received the stem cell therapy in our hospital In December 2004, 4.5 years after the injury.

Before his discharge:
- The muscular tension of his whole body is improved obviously;
- The muscle strength of his whole body is improved obviously, he can walk with 2 persons’ assistant, his doctors do believe that the physical rehabilitation therapy will help him achieve more improvements in the near future.

3 months after his discharge:
his mother called excitedly to tell us that he can walk by himself now.

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