Xiaohai- Cerebral Palsy (Male,6 years old)- 2009

Xiaohai is a Chinese 6 years old male patient suffering from cerebral palsy. He underwent jaundice 3rd day after his birth, without any special treatment, his jaundice was disappeared 30 days after onset. He was diagnosed as cerebral palsy due to language and motor movement development retardation for 5 years. He received the 1st round of the stem cell treatment on 16th December 2009, including 4 stem cells injections via lumbar puncture with good efficacy. The pre-operation MRI of his head showed congenital septum cysts.

Before the treatment:
- He could not stand by himself;
- He could not walk independently;
- He could step for walk with the assistant of his family member.

After the treatment:
- He can stand by himself;
- He can walk without assistant of his family member.

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