Xiaogang- T5-T6 Spinal Cord Injury (Male,21 years old)

Xiaogang is a Chinese 21 years old male patient suffering from spinal cord injury. He happened to fall down from high place, which led to T5-T6 vertebra bodies fracture, spinal cord injury.

Before the stem cell treatment:
- The sensation beneath xiphoid level was lost;
- The movement ability of his lower limbs was poor, which caused him not to stand up;
- The muscle strength of his waist was weak, which led to him not sit by himself;
- He suffered from the incontinence of his urination and bowl movement.

He received 1st round stem cell treatment in our hospital in November, 2009. During the 18-day treatment period, we were able to see that he achieved obvious improvements:
- The muscle strength of his waist is increased obviously, he can sit up by himself;
- He can stand by himself by holding walking assistant;
- He can move forward his lower limbs by the power from his waist and hip when standing.

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