Xiao Li – Cerebral Palsy (Female, 18 years old) – 2011

Name: Xiao Li
Gender: Female
Age: 18 years old
Nationality: China
Diagnosis: Cerebral Palsy

Xiao Li, Female, 18 years old, comes from Zhu Hai city in Guang Dong province. She is preterm birth, her birth weight is lower than normal children, was diagnosed as cerebral palsy as a result. She took 1st course of stem cells transplantation in June of 2011. At that time she received 2 stem cell injections via lumbar puncuture and 1 stem cell transplantation via stereotactic brain surgery. In June of 2012 she took the 2nd course of stem cells transplantation in our hospital.

Before the first course of transplantation:
1. The muscle strength of her wasit and lower limbs are weak, so that she could not sit or stand alone;
2. She felt that her lower limbs are heavy when walking with support, hard to move; the walking gait of her lower limbs was not coordinated; her bilateral knees were in  flexion, whilst she could continue walking for about 15 minutes with support.

Before the second course of transplantation:
1.The muscle strength of her waist and lower limbs is better than before; she can stand alone for 3 minutes;
2. The feeling of her heavy lower limbs is relieved more than before when walking with support; the walking gait of her lower limbs is much better than before; the flexibility of her lower limbs is improved obviously; the flexion of her knees is relieved; she can walk straight and strongly; she can continue walking over one hour.

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