Xiao Chen- Cerebral Palsy (Female,5 years old)

Xiao Chen is a Chinese 5 years old female patient suffering from cerebral palsy. She was admitted to our hospital for the chief complaint of motor disorder of 4 limbs for over 4 years. She was a premature baby of 32 weeks. She weighed 2.1kg only without obvious hypoxia, then she was kept in an incubator after born. When 8 months old, she still couldn’t crawl or turn over by himself, but her parents didn’t pay more attention about it. When 16 months old, she still could not independently stand, crawl, rollover or walk, so her parents took her to Suzhou Children Hospital. Her brain CT showed: alba mal-development, then she was diagnosed as cerebral palsy.

Before the treatment:
- Her speech ability was normal;
- The fine motor ability of her right hand was poor;
- The muscle strength of her waist was poor;
- She could roll over, crawl on bed and sit alone;
- She could not stand or walk by herself with tip feet.

After the treatment:
- The motor ability of her whole body is improves obviously, the fine motor ability of her both hands is improved obviously, her hand writing is more neater than before;
- The muscular tension of her lower limbs is reduced obviously, the muscle strength of her lower limbs is increased obviously for example, her heels can land on the ground, she can walk by herself for a few steps.

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