What Common Symptoms Occur in Motor Neuron Disease?

What Common Symptoms Occur in Motor Neuron DiseaseMotor Neuron Disease (MND) is a terrible disease as it is fast progressing and developing. We use Stem Cell Transplantation to control its progressive and have good improvement on the patients’ condition. We always come across the people with MND who just have it for less than 2 years but it becomes so serious in the patient’s condition. At this moment, we don’t know what is the real reason causing this disease and how can we really stop it. Now I would like to share the common symptoms of Motor Neuron Disease.

Both male and female have the chance to have theMotor Neuron Disease. The beginning symptoms are the sore or weaker left or right arm where the patients have to seek help such as massaging or acupuncture to relief the pain or increase the muscle tone, but are they really work?

Then the problems and symptoms of people with MND are followed by the walking, standing and sitting. Gradually, the patients can’t move without others’ help and cannot stand up byhim or her. Only can they sit on a chair, or a wheel chair.

The problems with the hands’movement in people with MNDsuch as grab something or pass a cup of water to others or themselves? Maybe he or she can pass solid sometimes once a day or sometimes after 2 days.

Besides, his or her fingers in both hands may be bended and she or he can't straighten them without help, can't lift her hands if they fall off to sides, same with feet/legs when slipped off the pedals of wheel chair.

The symptoms of MND also occurred in slurred Language: The patients have to keep repeating what he or she said in twice or more to make other understood. Later, it is more noticeable, as sometimes she or he has to say the alphabet to get the letters of key words.

If the people you know have the above symptoms, you should pay more attention on its progressive and take care of them. Do go to the hospital for the finally diagnose whether he or she is having the Motor Neuron Disease. If the doctor is confirmed, then please do take some treatment to control it as early as possible. Stem Cell Transplantation is one of the most effective way to help to improve the condition of the patients with Motor Neuron Disease.

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