Wang Ziyuan (China) – High Functional Autism (Male, 12 years old) – 2014

Patient is called Wang Ziyuan, male, 12 years old, with main symptom of “speech and mental developmental delay for more than 11 years”, he was admitted to our department in Jan 2nd, 2014.

Case characteristics:

1. Male patient, was born from full-term caesarean section.

2. No history of brain tumor or brain injury.

3. Patient was born in full-term caesarean section, cried right after birth, no cyanosis. Normal motor development. Patient could speak single sound “mama” when he was 2 years old, and because of speech and mental development delay, he was diagnosed with autism in local hospital when turned 3, then had 1 month of rehabilitation training in a hospital in Guangxi province. With no obvious development, his mother took him home training by herself. He could speak simple words when turned 4 years old, and was diagnosed as “high functional autism” in Nanjing Brain Hospital when he was 5. He continuously accepted rehabilitation training, but the effect wasn’t well.

4. Physical examination: psychological normal, full consciousness, a bit less intelligent than his peers, fast and blurred speaking, can accomplish several instructions, has fine memory, comprehension and orientation. He does not cooperate the physical examination, pupils of both sides have equal size and shape, 3mm diameter, no sense of light in the left eye, both eyeballs have difficulty to move freely towards all directions and do not have strabismus, nystagmus nor diplopia. Normal hearing according to rough examination. All limbs are flexible, grade 5 muscle strength and 0 muscle tension in both upper limbs, no tendon reflex, Hoffmann's sign (-), grade 5 muscle strength and 0 muscle tension in both lower limbs, tendon hyperreflexia, Babinski sign (-), ankle clonus (-). Soft neck, Kernig’ (-), uncooperative in full body superficial sensation and bathyesthesia examination.

5. Patient accepted stem cell transplantations twice when he was 10 and 11. The first course of treatment was 1 time of IV Injection and 3 times of Lumbar Puncture, after treatment the patient’s symptom of making faces obviously reduced and his abilities of learning, understanding and receptiveness were enhanced, could get more than 90 scores (in hundred-mark system) in exams of all curriculums. He accepted 4 times of Lumbar Puncture in the second course, and his communication skills and willingness were improved obviously, his speech expression ability were much better after the treatment.

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