Wang Yue (China)-Cerebral Palsy (Female, 4 years old)-2015

Wang Yue is a 4-year-old cerebral palsy patient. She's born in full-term by caesarean section. Her mother was pregnant as an elderly parturient when she was 37 years old. Wang Yue didn’t have obvious history of asphyxia and anoxia. However, her mother found her mental and physical growths were behind her peers and the gap was more and more broaden. Then they visited Dr. An in March 2015. Cerebral Palsy was diagnosed on Wang Yue in General Hospital of Chinese People’s Armed Police Forces.

Before stem cell treatment
-Her intelligence was not good with slurred speech, and she's been drooling all the time.
-She had high muscular tension for her 4 limbs, resulting in she could not grab things easily and steadily, her hands were very inflexible.
-Muscle strength of her waist is very poor, she could not sit, stand and walk independently.

After stem cell treatment
-She has a better and clearer pronunciation, drooling has been stopped immediately after her brain surgery.
-Muscular tension is much reduced which enables her to have a better flexibility and coordination of her hands so that she can grab things more easily.
-She can sit for a few minutes with strengthened waist, she is able to stand for about 1 minute by holding the wall, and try to walk under his parents' support.

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