Wang Xinyu (China) –Autism (Female, 7 years old) – 2013

Wang Xinyu, female, 7-year-old, was born asphyxia after birth and was diagnosed with autistic tendency when she turned 3 years old. Before admitting to our department, patient continuously accepted treatment in many professional medical institutions in Beijing and Shanghai with rehabilitation training, psychological counseling and drug therapy. Resulting in limited improvement with poor performance. The patient was admitted to our department on June 4th, 2013. After checking brain MRI and EEG, we found patient’s white matter development is abnormal and EEG is also abnormal.

Therapeutic Schedule
Four times Lumbar Puncture.

Before stem cell treatment:
1.Poor communication with people, unwilling to express her wishes.
2.Could say fewer words, only can make voice like "hey, oh, gee." Facial expression also is indifference.
3. Needs to remind to relieve the bowels, cannot take care of herself.
4.When goes out, the patient must be with adults following. If not, easy to get lost.
5.Although taking antiepileptic drugs, spasm happens occasionally.
6.Has self-destructive tendencies, also with mild attack tendency to people.

Three months after the stem cell treatment:
1.The patient is willing to communicate with people, willing to laugh and express her wishes.
2. An increase in words and facial incontinence disappear.
3.The patient takes the initiative to hold the adult skirt when goes out.
4. Epilepsy is better controlled.
5.The patient is willing to play games with other children. Grumpy and self-destructive tendency ease and attack tendency disappear.

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