Wang Liying (China)-Spinal Cord Injury(Female, 46 years old)-2015

Wang Liying is a 46 years old Chinese woman who had lower limbs activity and sensory disorder for more than 12 years. The patient fell down from 2 meters high in March 2003, resulting in spinal cord injury at T11~T12 level. She received the stem cell treatment in General Hospital of Chinese People’s Armed Police Forces in May, 2015.

Before stem cell treatment
1.She was unable to move down below the injury level, and had very little sensation.
2.She's been suffering from urinary and fecal incontinence.
3.She suffered from severe neurologic pain of her lower limbs.
4.She was always in a bad mood and tended to be depressed.

After stem cell treatment
1.Her sensation level has been lowered, which enables her to have more sensations of the body and her left lower limb can move a litter.
2.The sensation for her urination and defecation is back, though still having difficulty for controlling.
3.The pain of her lower limbs is significantly released.
4.Her emotion is much better than before.

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