Wang Liangliang (Chinese) – Cerebral Palsy (Male, 10-year-old) – 2015

Wang Liangliang is a ten years old boy. He was a full-term birth baby, and had anoxia caused by amniotic fluid turbidity before birth. He had no jaundice after birth. His parents found that his limb movement coordination was falling behind with other peers. He was diagnosed with "psychomotor retardation" in the local hospital, and was given rehabilitation training for three months, but the treatment effect is not so good. He came to General Hospital of Chinese People’s Armed Police Forces for Cerebral Palsy treatment in August, 2015.

Before stem cell treatment

1. Slurred speech, had problem to concentrate and focus.
2. He didn’t tend to communicate with people.
3. He's very irritable and hyperactive, sometimes tended to abuse himself.
4. The motor function of four limbs is disordered. He had poor fine movements for both of his hands which led to very bad handwriting. He had scissors gait.

After stem cell treatment

1. Speech function is much improved, he can be more concentrated.
2. He is more willing to communicate with others, his temper becomes better with a calmer emotion.
3. The self-abuse propensity has stopped.
4. The fine movement of his hands is much better so that he can write more steadily; he can walk better without scissors gait.

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