Wang Le (China) – Autism (Female, 6 years old) – 2010

Patient’s name is Wang Le, female, 6 years old, was admitted to hospital for main complaint of “speech and mental developmental delay for more than 3 years” in July 2nd, 2010.

Case characteristics:

1. mental retardation, hyperactivity, short-tempered.

2. patient was born in full-term caesarean section, no asphyxia after birth, good general condition. Facial skin stained yellow occurred in the second day of birth and lasted 45 days until it got better without any specific treatment. Since then the parents found out that the patient’s growth is slower than her peers, she could not sit independently until 7 months, could not climb until 9 months, could not stand independently when turned 1 year old, so she went to the PLA General Hospital and was diagnosed as “growth retardation”, was given gangliosides treatment (the specific medicine and dosage are unknown) for 10 months, patient could stand on her own then. When turned 2, patient could walk independently, but not steadily. She could not speak simple words and polyphonic words until 2 years old, but the patient could suddenly say several sentences and fully recite children’s songs after turned 2. In December, 2008, patient attended to Peking University Sixth Hospital, her autism behavior checklist got 56 points, was considered as autism and didn't receive any specific treatment. Then she attended to An'ding Hospital in April, 2009, was given risperidone treatment (unknown dosage and administration ) but did not see any improvement. Since then patient stayed home and has been treated by acupuncture and functional rehabilitation exercises, until she came to our hospital for stem cell transplantation to expect further treatment. Since the onset of disease, the patient has normal mentality,good appetite, normal stool and urine.

3. Physical examination: full consciousness, normal mentality,good appetite, can speak simple words, hyperactive, do not communicate with others, good memory, calculation ability, comprehension and orientation, do not cooperate the physical examination. Good motor function of both eyeballs. Pupils of both sides have equal size and shape, 3mm diameter, have direct and indirect light reflex. Normal hearing, did not exam the swallowing reflex. No deviation of the mouth. Normal muscle strength and tension in all limbs, normal tendon reflex, no pathological reflex. Uncooperative in sensory examination. Soft neck, no resistance, negative to Klinefelter's syndrome.

4. Patient accepted several(more than 3) courses of stem cell transplantation in our department. For each course of treatment, she received 1 time IV Injection and 3 times of Lumbar Puncture. The improvements are: much less hyperactive than before, better in concentrating, learning, understanding and receptiveness. Patient can communicate with her parents, and will follow their instructions. Considerable improvements of intelligence, and better ability to accept new things. Her temper become much better than before.

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  1. My child 4 years old have autism problem I want to treat him how can be this possible

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