Vincent (Ireland) – Traumatic Brain Injury (Male, 22 years old) – 2015

Vincent is a 22 years old man, who is from Ireland. He got traumatic brain injury after a car incident in 2011. The patient was received 1st round stem cell transplantation treatment on January 12, 2015 (2 stem cell injections delivered by lumbar puncture and 1 stem cell transplantation via stereotactic brain surgery).

Symptoms before treatment:
The patient has intension to attack others. One of our nurses is attacked by him.
The muscle tension of upper limbs is high, whereas muscle strength is poor. His right hand could not stretch his left hand.
The muscle strength of lower limbs is poor, but muscle tension is relatively high. He can neither stand nor walk.
He in unable to sense and control his urination and defecation.

Symptoms after treatment:
He was in a good mood.
The muscle tension of upper limbs was reduced significantly. Muscle strength was improved obviously. His right hand can stretch his left hand by himself.
Both legs could stretch better. He could stand for 2 minutes and walk 1 minute without assistance.
He could sense his urine and asked his father to change his diaper. His mother said that it's the first time during the past 3 years that he could sense something.
He leaned on bed and started watch TV. It was also the first time during the past 3 years that he started to watch TV.

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