Videos- Zhe Zhe – Cerebral Palsy (male, 5 years old) – 2011

Zhe Zhe, male, 5 years old. He was admitted for the chief complaint of motor function development retardation for over 4 years. He was born after full-term pregnancy. He underwent dystocia and the umbilical cord round neck more than 2 circles. He had the medical history of asphyxia and hypoxia and was diagnosed to "cerebral palsy" as a result. In August, 2011, he received the first course of stem cell transplantation in our hospital and his responses to the stem cells are good post operation, so he received the second course in August, 2012 and the third course at the same time in the next year.

Before the first round stem cell treatment (in August, 2011):
- Since he could not speak out clearly, he often defecated in his pants when urination and bowl movement;
- The muscle strength of his waist and lower limbs was weak. The flexibility of his lower limbs was poor. The muscular tension of his lower limbs was higher than normal. He couldn’t stand or walk by himself. When walking with other’s one hand assistant, he could not keep in stable position;
- The muscle strength of his both hands was too weak to hold things whilst the fine motor function of his hand was poor.


The condition after the first course & before admission (September, 2011):
- The muscle strength of lower limbs is improved obviously. He can walk for a few meters independently without the help of family member;
- Before defecating, he can tell others and relieved himself assisted by his family;


The condition before the third course (in August, 2013, one year after the second course):
- He can take care of himself with defecation;
- The muscle strength of his waist and lower limbs is improved obviously. He can stand,sit, walk and squat by himself, but he couldn’t do those before surgery. He can walk longer and go up and down the step of about 10 cm high;
- The fine motor function of his hands is improved obviously, he can pick up pens from the floor.


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