Videos – Xiao Yun Yun – Cerebral Palsy (female, 1.4 years old) – 2011

Name: Xiao Yun Yun
Gender: Female
Age: 1.4 years old
Nationality: China
Diagnosis: Cerebral Palsy

Xiao Yun Yun, Female, one year old and four month, preterm birth, her weight was 1.5kg when she was born, lower weight, could’t cry when she was born, underwent hypoxia, sepsis, intracranial bleeding during the perinatal period. She had problem in speech and over one year delay in motor function development, she was diagnosed as cerebral palsy patient as a result. On February 22 of 2011 she entered into our hospital to receive 4 stem cells injections via lumbar puncture, the postoperative responses were good, soshe received the second course of stem cells transplantation on October 21 of 2011.

Before the first course of transplantation:
1. She couldn’t speak, communicate with slow reaction;
2. The flexibility of her hands were poor when she fetched things actively;
3. The muscle strength of her waist was weak, so that she could sit only for a few seconds, she couldn’t keep balance and couldn’t fetch anything when sitting alone;
4. She couldn’t roll over and crawl on bed;
5. The muscle tension of her limbs and feet was higher than normal, so that her feet often kept straight;
6. She couldn’t stand alone, no awareness to move forward, her heels couldn’t touch ground with eversion of right foot.

xiao yunyun-1

After the second course of transplantation:
1. The muscle tension of her limbs is decreased obviously, the coordination of her limbs is much better than before;
2. The muscle strength of her waist, back, 4 limbs is improved obviously, so that she can sit alone, stand alone, her heels can touch ground and her feet get soft;
3. She can communicate with simple words and more actively.

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