Videos- Xiao Xin – Spastic Cerebral Palsy (male, 6 years old) – 2012

Xiao Xin, male, 6 years old, was admitted for the chief complaint of motor function development retardation for over 5 years, diagnosed to "cerebral palsy (spastic)" as a result. The head MRI done in the Second Hospital of Beijing Armed Police Force showed: dysplasia of cerebral white matter. On April 21, 2012, he took the first course stem cell treatment and his responses to the stem cells are good after surgery, then he received the second course on April 9, 2013.

Before the first course (before April 21, 2012):
- He could not sit stably and couldn't straighten the legs when sitting alone. His arched back was significantly;
- He could not keep in kneeling position and could not stand up from the kneeling position independently;
- He could not stand by himself;
- He could walk for a shorter distance independently with unstably;
- He could not squat independently and could not sit straight on a small stool.


Before the second course (in the early of April, 2013, one year after the first course):
- His lower limbs can be stretched more straightly and stably when sitting independently, His arched back is improved obviously;
- He can keep in kneeling position and stand up from the kneeling position independently;
- He can stand by himself for longer period;
- He can walk by himself for longer distance stably;
- He can keep in squatting position whilst he can squat down then rise independently.


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