Videos- Xiao Min – spastic cerebral palsy (female, 7 years old) – 2012

Xiao Min, female, 7 years old. She was born prematurely by natural delivery after a pregnancy for 32 weeks. She underwent hypoxia during her delivery. The chief complaint from her parents was motor function development retardation for over 6 years. The head MRI performed on February 2nd, 2012 showed: bilateral ventricular malacia. She was diagnosed as cerebral palsy (spastic) when being admitted to the hospital and received a round of stem cell therapy on February 2nd, 2012.

Before the stem cell treatment:
- She was limped when walking independently and suffered from obvious eversion of left foot;
- She could stand on a single foot for a short time unstably;
- She could not squat stably and her lower limbs could not close together. Her left lower limb was abduced when squatting independently;
- She couldn’t go up and down the stairs independently.


The condition three months after the 1st round treatment (May 24th, 2012):
- Her limp is improved obviously when walked independently. Her left foot eversion is disappeared apparently;
- She can stand more stably than before when standing on a single foot, the standing with one foot period is longer obviously;
- When squatting, she can keep it stably and her lower limbs is able to close together without the abduction of her left lower limb;
- She can go up and down stairs independently.


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