Videos- Lulu – Spastic cerebral palsy (Female, 7-year-old) – 2010

The Cells of All-purpose (English Subtitles)

This patient's story is edited and produced into a short film, which is published on a TV programme, named "Approaching Science" of CCTV channel and can be watched globally.

A girl with cerebral palsy is able to walk by herself and go to school with her same age partners after receiving the stem cell treatment performed by Dr. Yihua An, the chief director of cell therapy department of General Hospital of Chinese People’s Armed Police Forces and the 309th Hospital of Chinese People’s Liberation Army.


Lulu is a 7-year-old female patient, who suffered from spastic cerebral palsy because of preterm, hypoxia after birth and low birth weight (1.5KG). She received 1st round stem cell transplantation in our hospital in December 2010, her responses to the stem cells turned out well. She received 2nd round stem cell transplantation here in March, 2012.

On February 4th, 2010, she was given a MRI scan of the head in the affiliated hospital of Inner Mongolia Medical University, which showed that 1) there are malacia focus in both lateral ventricles and centrum semiovale. 2) dysplasia of corpus callosum.

Before 1st round of treatment:
- She could stand straight by herself for about 10 minutes, the muscle strength of her waist was weak, she could stand independently with raised hips;
- She could walk unsteadily by herself for 10 steps or so;
- She could not squat and then stand up by herself;
- When sitting in a stool, she could not stand up by herself;
-She was clumsy in rotations of her both hands;
- The flexibility of her left hand is poor, especially when she stretch or two fingers pointing of her left hand.


Before 2nd round stem cell treatment (15 months after the 1st stem cell treatment):
- She can stand by herself with improved muscle strength of her waist and no longer  stand independently with raised hips;
- She can walk steadily by herself for several hundred meters;
- She can easily squat and stand up by herself;
- When sitting on a stool, she can easily stand up by herself;
- The flexibility of her hands is improved obviously, the rotation of her hands is more flexible;
- Her left hand is more flexible when stretching and two fingers pointing.


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  1. My daughter is 5years and she's diagnosed of cerebral palsy.
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