Vegard (South Africa) – Traumatic Brain Injury (Male, 25 years old) – 2015

Patient conditions:
Vegard, from South Africa, 25 years old man,was diagnosis of acute lymphoblastic leukemia in June 2012. Patient had done a lot of chemotherapy, while tumors spread from the blood to the spinal cord and then to the brain.

Patient came to our hospital for stem cell treatment on Jan 8th, 2015.

Treatment Procedures:
brain surgery (1 time)+ lumber puncture (1 time)

Before treatment:
1.Patient doesn't have consciousness and only take soft fluid food via pipe to stomach. 2.Patient could not sit independently,
3.Could not stretch his arms well,
4.Could not grab things. do not have facial expression,
5.Does not have sensation on bottom, legs and toes
6.Sleep disorder: everyday sleep 1-2 hours, then awake for 1-2 hours, then sleep again.

After treatment:
1.One day after first lumber puncture injection: patient's mother tell me: during the past 4 years, his son show smiles on his face and he tried to make jokes with his family, pretending to be sleeping when they clean his face.
2.The day he left our hospital (Jan 20th, 2015): on the way to airport, his ex-girl friend knocked on a stone when push him with wheelchair, he got a shake. When his ex asked him whether he is ok, he shook his head showing his is not OK. He has obvious consciousness and could interact with family now.

One week after patient back home:
1. Patient got more facial expressions,
2. Could look at books or scenery, patient is really look at it (his mother’s words)
3. Back to normal sleeping: sleep 9-10 hours in the night and keep awake all rest time
4. More sensation on bottom, legs and toes (he could move toes)
5. More active on limbs, want to grab things and like to touch things.
6. Start eat regular food: vegetables (3 meals a day and 2 snacks).

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