Tiantian- T6 Spinal Cord Injury (Female,3 years old)- 2009

Tiantian is a Chinese 3 years old female patient suffering from spinal cord injury. She happened to be shot from her back by an accidental arrow, which caused her the movement and sensation disorder of her lower limbs for over 1 year after the accident, then she was diagnosed as spinal cord injury. She received stem cell treatment in our hospital in September, 2009. Then she received 2nd round stem cell treatment in our hospital the next year.

The MRI of her spinal cord in September 15th, 2009 in local hospital showed: T6 vertebra damage with relevant spinal cord injury of incomplete disconnection whilst there was soft tissue damage behind T6 vertebral arch.

Before the stem cell treatment:
- Her lower limbs could not move, she could not support herself by her elbows and knees on bed, whilst she would feel pain when doing passive activity;
- She could not roll over on bed, she could not sit up by herself, she could not crawl, she could not stand or walk;
- The sensation of pain or temperature or touching of her lower limbs was disappeared;
- She suffered from incontinence of urination and bowl movement.

After the stem cell treatment:
- She can move her lower limbs, she can stretch and bend her lower limbs freely, the muscle strength of her left side limb is slightly weak, the pain feeling is disappeared when moving;
- She can roll over on bed, she can sit up by herself, she can crawl, she can sit up and walk by assistant;
- The sensation of pain, temperature and touching of her lower limbs is existed approaching to normal;
- She can perceive and control her urination and bowl movement.

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