Su Zhenjie- Cerebral Palsy (Male,2-year-old)- 2011

Patient Name: Su Zhenjie
2 year old boy.
Second kid of family, cesarean
Local hospital diagnosis: Cerebral Palsy

Patient took stem cell treatment in 2011 in our hospital. 4 times lumber puncture.

Before treatment:
-Patient start walk when 1 year old, hearing is bad, can not speak
-Learn walk earlier than crawl. Able to crawl when 2 year old.Could not walk as normal.
-Could not stand up when lie down
-Got pneumonia when 8 months old.

After treatment:
-Could stand independently, walk with better balance, could walk better
-Hearing get more sensitive and better than before.
-Can speak for simple words.

Patient’s parents and grandparents are very exciting and satisfied with the improvements.

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