Ulcerative Colitis Treatment Status

Brief Clinic of Ulcerative Colitis Treatment

Till the end of 2016, we have treated about 236 cases of all kinds of intestines problems, the improvement rate is 99%. Among all disease we're treatment, Ulcerative Colitis's treatment effect is the best. Many patients 100% cured already. Main improvement lies in:

1. relief or disappearance of abdominal pain;
2. less times of diarrhea or better condition of the alternate symptoms between diarrhea and constipation, and better formation of stool which is easier for patients to defecate;
3. almost total disappearance of symptoms such as abdominal distension, tenesmus and fever;
4. almost normal appetite, and improvement in general intestinal function.

Normally our patients will go through one course of treatment first, and the next course of treatment will be planned according to their conditions. There will be only one cell transplantation for each course of treatment.

Femoralis artery intervention cell therapy, which means putting a catheter in the artery which supplies intestines, generally we choose superior mesenteric artery and inferior mesenteric artery, and then inject stem cells into these arteries through the catheter. Stem cells could flow to intestinal canal through blood circulation, nourish intestinal vessels and mucosae, thereby to improve intestinal blood circulation and remove harmful substance, increase cell viability of intestinal mucosae, repair damaged mucosae, reestablish intestinal mucosa barrier, restore intestinal function, and generally improve the intestinal disease resistance. We can also put the catheter in the supplying artery of liver, kidney, pancreas and spleen to inject cells into these organs. It is quite effective to use the therapeutic effect of cells.