Stem Cell Quality & Safety

quality-and-safety-1With excellent medical care, our hospital performs the highest level procedures to ensure quality and safety. We provide medical care with the best quality and safety. “Patient-oriented” is emphasized in the medical care. With the latest medical research, our treatment has continuously improved.

1. Keeping You Safe

>> Strictly controlled laboratory procedures

Our laboratory has practiced a strict quality monitoring and control system. The purity of cells are cautiously checked, and implanted cells are always checked many times for transmissible diseases like Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, HIV, Syphilis, etc .

>> Applying the latest research and technologies

Thanks to the latest research and technologies, our team greatly improves medical testing and performances as well as minimizes the potential medical errors.

2. Ensuring curative effect

>> Choosing the right candidates

The curative effect of treatments depends on the patient’s condition greatly. Our rich-experienced doctors will help patients analyze whether the treatment will benefit them or not. It is important to choose the right candidates.

>> Customized treatment plans

Treatment plans are based on the syndromes differentiation. We design treatment plans according to the condition of patients and their individual requirements, including the source of stem cells and the method and number of times of transplantation and rehabilitation.

3. Listening to You

pic006>> Clear and concise communication

We believe that effective communication is necessary during treatment. Thus, we provide face-to-face meetings so that you patients can express your ideas, concerns, plans and consult their doctors directly.

>> Medical culture of General hospital of Chinese People's Armed Police Forces and the 309th Hospital of Chinese People's Liberation Army

We stress on a patient-oriented approach. Our international patients feel grateful with the warmth of our medical staff. The professional, responsible doctors and nurses and their care for patients are appreciated.

>> International Medical Center

The doctors and nurses of our International Medical Center are rich-experienced and professional. They care much about all the patients. During the stay in Beijing, patients and their family will feel the comfortable and considerate care from our department staff. We have trained some professional doctors and nurses to help the communication between hospital and international patients and to ensure efficacy as well as meet their needs.