Stem Cells for Sub-health

Stem Cells for Sub-health

Stem Cells for Sub-healthThe current clinic practice of The Stem Cell Department of General hospital of Chinese People's Armed Police Forces shows that transplanted stem cells can replace or repair aging cells, secret cytokines to nourish the organs and tissues, significantly improve the immunity and enhance anti-diseases ability. Now our main target group is high-end crow as they need plenty of energy to deal with various things every day.

With the development of the society, the pressure from many aspects has increased. More and more people have been in the state of sub-health, which can trigger some diseases and reduce the life quality with time. So is there any effective treatment for this condition? Our clinic results for ten years prove that it is stem cell treatment.

Stem cells treat sub-health mainly by injecting mesenchymal stem cells into the body, because these cells have proliferation and multidirectional differentiation similar to embryonic stem cells. After entering the body and differentiating into various cells automatically, these cells can repair and update the aging cells of all the systems comprehensively, then eliminate fatigue, recover energy and maintain the body in the "young" state.

Why stem cells can treat sub-health? That is because stem cells have features as follows:

1.Stem cells can differentiate into functional cells, and replace the aging or damaged functional cells.
2.Restart the expression order of regeneration relationed gene and repair of endogenous recession and damages of the tissues and organs.
3.Exogenous stem cells go into the body, secrete a variety of growth factor and trophic factor, and improve the internal environment of tissues and organs.
4.Their immune regulation can reduce the inflammatory reaction of local tissues and organs.

Stem cell therapy for sub-health is simple, only with intravenous injection. There is no pain or side effects.

1365-470The Stem Cell Department of General hospital of Chinese People's Armed Police Forces has studied stem cell therapy for over ten years and they have founded that this method can improve the physical symptoms as follows:

1.Prevent aging for the group who would like to maintain young body and face;
2.High pressure, intensive work and sub-health;
3.Groups with endocrine and sexual function recession: decline of sexual function (male and female), women’s menstrual disorders, endocrine disorders, ovarian premature, menopause in advance, poor sleep and mood, etc.;
4.Groups with premature senile organism: organism aging, lack of energy, easily tired, functional aging of tissues and organs;
5.People with cardiovascular system degeneration: arterosclerosis, arterial aging, coronary atherosclerosis and stenosis, increased blood pressure, etc.;
6.Degenerative internal organs: decline of organs such as heart, liver, lung, kidney, stomach and intestines and so on.


Cheif Phil Lane Jr., Dr Yihua An, and the medical team

Chief Phil Lane Jr., 71 years old, came for stem cell treatment for anti-aging on 25th of Sept. 2015. As the internationally recognized indigenous leader in human and community development, he’s been devoting himself to bringing peace and humanity spirit to the whole human family.
After reviewing all his pre-examinations, Dr Yihua An made a 1 week treatment plan for him, including 4 times of stem cells(high quality) transplantation via intravenous infusion to enhance his general health.
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