Stem Cells for Male Sexual Function

Stem Cells for Male Sexual Function

Stem Cells for Male Sexual Function

When God created human-being, we're divided by man and woman. Afterwards, sex life brings much happiness to people. It promotes harmonious relations between the couples and whole family. It’s also one of the signs for human health in modern medicine.

In modern society, people's work and life rhythm is getting faster and brings more pressure, which leads problems on self-control and endocrine disorder. In a long term, sexual hypoactivity and sexual apathy even sexual aversion occurs.

There's a very important branch subject divided from modern medicine— Nerve Cell Repair. When researching on this subject, we find a magical cell- MSC(Mesenchymal Stem Cells). It can repair not only neurogliocyte but also other functions, such as: repair organizations of mesoblast: skeleton, muscles, tendons, blood vessel endothelium, islet cells, gonadal tissue, etc. MSC can adjust human’s internal secretion, promoting gonadal tissue to release sex hormone. When it’s imported into human body, people will feel much energetic and vigorous, just like get back to youth of 18 years old. It can dramatically help on improving sexual function.

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The Stem Cell Department of General Hospital of Chinese People's Armed Police Forces and the 309th Hospital of Chinese People's Liberation Army is the first neural stem cell transplantation center at home and abroad, which went through WHO clinical trial registration, obtained the FDA clinical trial approval and had laboratory with GMP certification of stem cell research and preparation. Has high reputation worldwide in stem cell treatments for cerebral palsy, spinal cord injury, traumatic brain injury syndrome, ulcerative colitis, cirrhosis, stroke, diabetes and multiple system atrophy. Until now, we have used stem cell therapy to treat about 10,000+ patients from more than 30 countries. More About Us >>