Stem Cells for Anti-aging

Stem Cells for Anti-aging

Stem Cells for Anti-agingAnti-aging, also known as life extension, is to slow down or reversing the processes of aging to extend both the maximum and average lifespan. Currently some researchers believe that in the future breakthroughs in tissue rejuvenation with stem cells, molecular repair, and organ replacement will eventually enable humans to have indefinite lifespan by complete rejuvenation to a healthy young condition.In another word, stem cell transplantation is a promising method for anti-aging.

Stem cells are possible for anti-aging due to their features. Stem cells are undifferentiated biological cells that can differentiate into specialized cells and can divide to produce more stem cells. Stem cells can create young cells that could potentially regenerate or repair all the tissues of the aged human body. There are various types of stem cells, like umbilical cord blood stem cells and adult stem cells. They may have some differences on the differentiation and regeneration. If these stem cells are used to anti-aging, the effect can vary.

As the tissues age or deteriorate from disease, the body has a finite capacity to regenerate and repair those tissues. As a result, people suffer progressive declines in function that lead to our death. But if the aged or dead cells are replaced by young ones, anti-aging may occur.

The stem cells transplanted into the body for anti-aging would repair exhausted cells, regenerate young cells and promote cellular growth and make all the cells function better. For example, people would feel much more energy even after working for a long time. It can improve sleep quality, which is important for all human beings. With a lot of aged cells replaced by young healthy cells through stem cells transplantation, anti-aging comes true.

Stem cell therapy for anti-aging is simple, only with intravenous injection. There is no pain or side effects.

Anti-aging Cases

Cheif Phil Lane Jr., Dr Yihua An, and the medical team

Chief Phil Lane Jr., 71 years old, came for stem cell treatment for anti-aging on 25th of Sept. 2015. As the internationally recognized indigenous leader in human and community development, he’s been devoting himself to bringing peace and humanity spirit to the whole human family.
After reviewing all his pre-examinations, Dr Yihua An made a 1 week treatment plan for him, including 4 times of stem cells(high quality) transplantation via intravenous infusion to enhance his general health.
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