Liver Cirrhosis Cases

Mr. Su is a 45 years old Chinese male patient suffering from liver cirrhosis. He suffered from hepatitis B for over 10 years, hepatic cirrhosis for 2 years. He was admitted to our hospital for the chief complaint of weakness and decreased appetite for 3 weeks. Before his admission, he showed chronic hepatic disease face with gloomy complexion whilst the slight tenderness and rebound tenderness of his lower abdomen was existed without touching abnormal masses. The related examinations after admission showed: HBSAg(+); HBeAg(+); HBcAb(+); HCV Ab(-).

Mrs. Li is a Chinese 59 years old female patient suffering from hepatitis B for 20 years, liver cirrhosis for 3 years. She was admitted to our hospital for the chief complaint of abdominal fullness for 1 week. Her physical examination showed: chronic hepatic disease face, dark face, yellow skin with itching; abdominal distention, tenderness of hepatic area, fluid thrill (+), edema of lower limbs; jaundice occurred, the volume of abdominal water is over 3000ml. After her admission, she was checked that: HBsAg(+); HBeAg(+); HBcAb(+); HCV Ab(-).