Spinal Cord Injury(Female) – 2009

A female patient fell from the 4thstorey of her apartment building on May 31st, 2009. Luckily she was sent to the local hospital immediately and received the rescue treatment there. Then she got admitted in our hospital 20 days afterward, at that case she was still in early phase of the Spinal Cord Injury.

Before the 1st round of the stem cell therapy, her symptoms were like blow:

- She had no sensation below the groin;
- She had no control ability of urination or bowel movement;
- Both of her lower limbs were paralysis.

After 1st round stem cell treatment and half year’s physiotherapy practice, the improvements were as following:

- The sensation of her whole body is improved obviously;
- The muscle strength of her waist and lower limbs is improved obviously, she can walk by assistant for 1 hour;
- she can control her urination and bowel movement.

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