Sophie (KYRGYZ REPUBLIC) – Cerebral Palsy (Female, 4 years old and 7 months) – 2017

Patient Conditions: Sophie, female, 4 years old and 7 months, from Kyrgyzstan. The patient was healthy at birth with Apgar score 7-8 points. All the physiological indicators was normal.

The patient suffered the emergence of partial hand attack and weight loss after vaccination when she was only 2 months old. In September 1st, 2009, the patient suddenly felt uncomfortable, hospitalized for the coma and transferred to the resuscitation section for one week. While the patient lost some general skills, such as swallow, suck, response to the outside world when she came to life from coma. The patient was diagnosed as cerebral palsy and epilepsy when she was 4 months old. Then the patient took antiepileptic drugs Keppra, Depakine, Potassium Bromide, also did some rehabilitation therapy. There is no epilepsy according to EEG in 2015. The patient stopped taking antiepileptic drugs. During 2016, the patient has been eating nutritious supplements, which helps to increase weight, enhance immunity, improve appetite.

From September 2016 to the present, the patient has been taking rehabilitation treatment in Guangdong 999 Brain Hospital. Due to the improvement is limited, the patient was admitted to General Hospital of Chinese People's Armed Police Forces in May 18th, 2017. During four times treatment, the patient also accepted total 7 times physical training and massage. The patient got some improvement during her hospitalization and discharged in 1st June.

Treatment Procedures:
•May 22th 2017, First Treatment: 14:45pm, local anesthesia ,lumbar puncture;
•May 25th 2017, Second Treatment: 9:10am, local anesthesia ,lumbar puncture;
•May 28th 2017, Third Treatment: 9:10am, local anesthesia ,lumbar puncture;
•May 31th 2017, Fourth Treatment: 10:15am, local anesthesia ,lumbar puncture.

Before stem cell treatment:
•Cannot sit, cannot stand, cannot walk, cannot raise head in supine position.
• Intelligence, comprehensive ability and cognitive ability develop retarded. The patient knew familiar faces. But she would be easy to cry when strangers close to her.
• Hearing is normal. Cannot speak , only can make a sound.
• Hands can be grasped with poor orientation.
• Lower limbs muscle strength are weak. Leg action chaos with poor autonomy.

After stem cell treatment:
• Spirit, appetite, sleep are great;
• The patient has better understanding of family chat. When the talking refers to the patient, her reaction is much faster than before.
• Face expression is also getting rich, more likely to smile to strangers.
• Hands grasping strength is stronger than before.
• Hands poor orientation is improved. With appropriate PT training, the patient could grasp the wood and put the wood into the right hole accurately and promptly.
• Physical fitness is increased, could walk longer time with other's support then before.

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