Song Tongtong (China) –Autism (Male, 6 years old) – 2014

Song Tongtong, male, 6 years old, was born in full-term caesarean section, no asphyxia after birth, no jaundice history and general in normal motor movement. The patient was with main complaints of “speech and mental developmental delay for more than 5 years”. The patient is unwilling to speak, lack of logic when speaking. After checking in the hospital, the patient was founded autistic tendency when he was 3 years old. The patient got very limited improvement after continuously rehabilitation training in Beijing Charity Hospital, Beijing Children's Hospital, Capital Institute of Pediatrics, Jiamusi Cerebral Palsy Hospital and other institutions. The patient was admitted to our department on April 4th, 2014.

Physical examination:
Brain MRI and EEG, both were normal. Full consciousness, normal mentality, can speak simple words, good memory,, good motor function of both eyeballs. Pupils of both sides have equal size and shape, 3mm diameter, have direct and indirect light reflex. Normal hearing, did not exam the swallowing reflex. No deviation of the mouth. Normal muscle strength and tension in all limbs, normal tendon reflex, no pathological reflex. Can sit, stand and walk independently. Sensory system is normal.

Therapeutic Schedule
Four times Lumbar Puncture.

Before stem cell treatment:
1.Intelligence, computing power and logical thinking ability are lower than the children with same age, equivalent to two years old child.
2.Poor understanding, slow learning ability and less communication with people.
3.Lack of hand-eye coordination and fine body movement is poor.
4.Blurred speech, most time say monosyllables and always like repeating other’s speaking.
5.Needs feeding. .
6.Repeat Hand stereotypes action.

Three months after the stem cell treatment:
1.Computing power and logical thinking ability obviously enhanced.
2.Much more willing to communicate with people and express his emotion.
3.Hand-eye coordination ability and fine body movement got improved.
4.Clearer speech and even can say a complete sentence.
5.More willing to eat and can eat by himself.
6.Hand stereotypes action disappeared.

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