Shi Wenlong- Stroke (Cerebral hemorrhage Sequela) (Male,62-year-old)- 2014

Shi Wenlong, Male, 62Y, Chinese, Cerebral hemorrhage Sequela

Happened with cerebral hemorrhage in March, 2014. Patient came to our hospital for stem cell treatment in Sep. 30, 2014.

Treatment methods: stereotactic brain surgery (1 time)+ lumber puncture (twice)
Duration: 2 weeks

Before treatment:
1. Patient got aphasia, not able to speak;
2. Right hand stiffness, could not move, has sensation;
3. Could not walk;
4. Facial paralysis;

1 week after treatment:
When patient was in hospital, he already feel improvements:
1. Could speak short sentence
2. Right hand high muscular tension improved, could move
3. Legs have better sensation and feel more powerful
4. Could show face expressions a bit.

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