Saqi (Japanese)- Encephalitis (Female,2 years old)

TBI-Meningitis-Japan-SaqiSaqi is a Japanese 2 years old female patient suffering from encephalitis. She was admitted to our hospital for the chief complaint of disturbance of consciousness with movement disorder of 4 limbs for over 1 year. She was full-term gestation with normal delivery, the Apgar scoring was not clear after born. She could sit independently when 5 moths, roll over on bed by herself when 7 months, crawl on ground when 8 months, her general development was normal. Her family member found that she suffered from high fever, shiver, convulsion accompanying with disturbance of consciousness when 9 months, then sent her to local hospital for necessary examination, she was diagnosed as "bacterial meningitis" finally. She was given medication (the detailed medicines and the dosages were not clear.), the outcome of the treatment was satisfied, the meningitis symptoms were controlled well. The CT of her head during the treatment period indicated hydrocephalus, then she received ventriculoperitoneal shunt, after the operation, the hydrocephalus was partly relieved, then she discharged after 3 months treatment period. Her bacterial meningitis was relapsed around 1 month after her discharge, then she was further treated in local hospital, during the treatment period, her ventriculoperitoneal shunt was obstructed. Since her hydrocephalus was relieved temporarily, the shunt tube was not changed, she was given symptomatic medication, the detailed medicines and dosages were not clear, she discharged after 2 months treatment period. Her consciousness was not clear, no speech, no cognitive ability, both eyes staring to left, her responses to outside were poor, the muscular tension of her 4 limbs was higher. She received a round stem cell treatment in our hospital.

Before the stem cell treatment:
- Her consciousness was not clear;
- She had no speech;
- She had no cognitive ability;
- Her both eyes always stared to left;
- Her responses to outside were poor;
- The muscular tension of her 4 limbs was higher than normal.

After the stem cell treatment:
- The muscular tension of her limbs is relieved obviously;
- Her responses to the pain or other stimulations are more sensitive.

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