Sanjay (India)- Sequela of Stroke(Male,46 years old)- 2012

Patient got stroke in 2012. Patient has family hypertension, fatty liver, had coronary bypass operation before, arrhythmia.

After stroke, could not balance himself well, feel pronunciation obviously changed, getting numb and clumsy, lacking of limbs coordination. Left side body is worse.

Patient came for stem cell treatment in our hospital in September, 2014.
Treatment methods: Lumber puncture (4 times) + Intravenous injection + umbilical cord blood supply.

Before treatment:
1. Bad balance
2. Blur tones
3. lacking of limbs coordination
4. muscular strength is weak

One month after treatment:
1. feel more strength
2. better pronunciation, clearer and louder
3. limbs more flexible than before
4. balance better than before

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